Content Creation





We have decades of experience in creating content - text, figures, video in all kinds of markets, for a wide variety of products.


After the get-to-know talks we make a clear quotation stating clearly what your cost will be, and what the deliverables and time line will be.

Boundary conditions are defined where required, and if needed a Return On Investment (ROI) documentation.

Of course we are flexible, following the speed of our customers in case requirements and time line change in the course of the documentation activities.

Let this quotation be your lighthouse. And let's be honest: AI is a really big help in generating content, it's processing, visualisation,
creation, testing and sharing!

What Content?

We create your internal and external documentation. When we state: 'documentation' this can be documents, knowledge or other platforms, audio files, video files, slides and comments, augmented and virtual reality environments... we adapt the output format to your needs. In case of doubts, we can advise you in the best type of format to create your content in.

A non exhaustive list of documentation types:

  • Customer documentation - this can be very technical information
  • Marketing material for a variety of media (from printed over video to apps)
  • Description of software usage
  • Graphical user interface documentation
  • Retroactively created engineering and internal documentation
  • Description of software and hardware installation
  • Validation software or hardware
  • The description of maintenance of software and hardware
  • Training material for all of the above
  • Offer and tender management
  • Marketing information

Concerning internal documentation:

  • Process descriptions: White ravens have decades of experience in capturing, designing, describing and introducing of processes. These services go well beyond 'standard' documentation assignments.
  • Quality related documents
  • Training documents (class-room, practical, e-learnings for internal and external use).
  • Project Documentation
  • Compliance documentation
  • Release notes
  • Team documentation
  • Test documentation

The subject of documentation can vary from the technical most complicated infrastructure (e.g. satellite communication systems) to simple website texts.

Next to this, we are working only with trusted partners to create content and translations: also in this field we deliver the best quality for the best price.

We can also have a large added value providing advise and implementing documentation strategies. We proved more then once that by introducing small changes in the writing process, the speed and quality can be increased while cost and working pressure are decreased at the same time.

What is the Importance of Good Content?

Good documentation and content is important:

  • Because it can decrease your support and internal costs considerably
  • Because your internal processes are one of your keys for success
  • It is a kind of extended business card delivered with your product
  • It is part of the product delivered to your customer
  • Perception of usability as experienced by your customer is depending from it
  • Good documentation adds, without doubt, to customer satisfaction

Is Good Documentation and Content Worth Investing in?

The answer to this question is without a doubt: yes! And we'll prove it via a business case if requested.

Internal processes and how to handle these are a key to your success.

Customer documentation and content can be created by the developing engineers as you go. But the engineers having empathy and being able to write from customer's point of view are very rare: they tend to be stuck to the internal specific language and have difficulties to describe the process from the outside in, as experienced by the customer. Engineers also do not tend to know what they know, and make assumptions in knowledge that customers should have - but may not have.
Marketing and technical staff on the other hand, have difficulties to describe products in sufficient depth.

Net to this, one must realize that describing processes and documentation is truly a separate field of expertise, not being part of any specific education track in Belgium as we speak.

We have build our experience during decades, and ready to use it for you.

Good customer documentation can be reused multi-fold in e.g. marketing, support and education.

Also the tools used to create and publish documentation must be taken into account, and taking the right approach can save you person years in effort or  more!

Further more, we also look at the knowledge itself: the half value time of knowledge is ever decreasing, so documenting might not be worthwhile. You can expect us to advice in this.
And AI makes some cases where the profit is not that clear turn clearly in a profit factory.


Persons creating content are highly trained and educated writers or technical writers.
They are capable of grasping very complex subjects very quickly, structure it, and represent it in a format required.


Are you sure your documentation content is created in the most productive way? Are you using the most optimal tools in e.g. AI?

Are you sure there are no overlaps in customer documentation, training, engineering and marketing material?

Are you sure your documentation is reused in your organization in the most optimal way?

Are you sure the quality of your documentation is the best you can deliver?

In case you're 100% sure that the answer on the above questions is 'yes', don't contact us.

After communicating with us, you'll be 100% sure.


One of the services we deliver is to analyze the way your documentation and processes are created today.

We have experience in the latest techniques and ways of working to help you in optimizing the creation and maintenance of your documentation. Be more productive!

Coaching of (technical) writers and (technical) writer and content managers?


We coach technical writers in their specific environment. Whilst setting up a documentation center or reorganizing your documentation efforts, introducing tools such as AI, creating video and other content, we make sure this is done using the right skills and organization.

White Ravens 

Creating documentation and processes is a specific area of expertise.

One requires a good analytical skill and a methodology to structure, rework, write information in such a way that the customer can absorb and use the information with minimal effort. Being effective and efficient, using the best information carrier. A specific set of best practices and experience are keywords in obtaining this.

Good (technical) writers are white raven: they are rare.

They must be able to capture and understand knowledge in an extremely fast way. This must be interested in all kinds of technical areas, be good in several languages and didactic techniques. They must be able to use new technology and have a series of additional social and intellectual skills.They are passionate in what they do.

We only work with these white ravens, where discovery, understanding and a passion for writing and information sharing is in the DNA.

For a lot of companies, use of our services is a lot lower then hiring a fixed technical writer, or putting dedicated development staff on these activities.

Our Price

We have continuously a good idea of the market prices for our services. Because of that we succeed in making a great offer for you.

There are several possibilities:

- Price per day: regularly projects must be delivered before a certain time and with less effort than estimated by the customer. When paying a price per day, the customer pays only the prices we work. We report daily if requested, so in case the customer give a low estimate, we see this coming, and adapt the plan in either content details, scope or timing. This way we make sure our customers get the best they can get. We love building long-term relationships.

- Price per project: scope and timing are determined and fixed upfront. Because of previous mentioned arguments, this is the option which is the least used.

Our Methods

We first make an analysis of the requested output and, for the larger projects, a time line to come to an agreement on the objectives.

We treat small projects - of even one day - as professionally als projects taking months or longer. We value our long-term relationship with you.

We have specific techniques to capture knowledge required: voice and screen capturing, taking pictures, recording video are only a few of them.

We know the capturing process inside out.

We make sure the load for your own professionals is as low as possible.

We are aware that all phrases on this page start with 'we' - so 'we' can help 'you'.

A Low Threshold

A question for information costs nothing: we will communicate to determine the best way you can be helped.

During this communication your needs and expectations are discussed:

  • Subject
  • Goal
  • Medium of the content
  • Methods to collect the required input material to produce the documentation:
         - existing documentation
         - way of capturing documentation
  • The timeframe in which the content needs to be delivered
  • The milestones in the documentation or content creating process
  • The review process of the content or documentation
  • Specific remarks and (boundary) conditions for the documentation or content

Our technical writers have at least one master degree and are able to learn very quickly. This can be documented by the documentation we created for the wide variety of industries.


We can deliver the content in all languages. For translations,

we use native speakers and have double quality check on this. For some languages we have in-house native speakers.