Cultural Analysis


Are you aware of your need?


All changes answer a need.

Do you know your needs?

Do you know your innovation, knowledge and quality need?

Do you know how each of your staff will handle change?

Do you know how they will collaborate in change projects or when introducing a standard?


We are pretty sure that you don't know them all. There are blind spots, there are aspects on innovation, knowledge management and quality you may not be aware of.

And you need to determine them, and qualify them.

We have the right tools to do this.

Knowing how your staff will respond to change, can save you months in the implementation of e.g. a standard. 

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Depending on the maturity of your organization, your division, and each co-worker, optimal actions can be taken.

It is known that the choice of rewarding actions can be counter-productive or productive - depending on the maturity of the co-workers.

Depending on the knowledge maturity, approaches for successful knowledge management are taken.

Having an overview of the innovative maturity in your organizations help you detect.

When introducing a formal quality management system, the maturity is key on how fast you can go, implementing a quality management system.

Maturity scales range from being unaware at all upto continuous improving top performance.

Within the subjects (general, innovation, knowledge, quality management), different maturity scales are available.


There are literally hundreds of tools and techniques to boost innovation in your organization: from communities of practice over boot camps to reorganization.
On top of that there are hundreds of tools supporting this: from wiki to content management system.
On top of that, there is the organization itself: how is this distributed, where are the innovative capabilities.

Having a clear view on your innovative maturity gives a clear answer on what the best track, the best solution to boost your organization is.

Knowing the innovative maturity on personal level of each employee is an enormous advantage.

As is knowing the innovative maturity on divisional, country and organizational level - and how all these interact.

Measure before acting.

Know instead of guess.


Knowledge maturity of your organization has a major impact on the way your organisation is working, handle change and handles knowledge.

We've implemented for customers with the same requirements and need a totally different implementation because of the knowledge maturity.

Installing a solution not taking into account the knowledge maturity will result in solutions encountering a lot of resistance in the organisation, or solutions that are simply not used.

Also when introducing a new standard or quality management system, knowing the knowledge maturity of your staff will speed upt the process and make sure you will get the results you expect.

Quality standards define you what you need to implement - not how to implement it. So you can implement the same standard in a way is drags your organization down as a millstone.

Quality Management System and Standard Introduction

Or you can implement the same standard on a way boosting your organisation. And that for a cost which is very much alike.

QMS - Quality Management System and standard introduction


- the optimal way of introducing

- the speed of introducing

- the optimized solution of 

...the introduction or upgrade of the formal or informal quality management system you need to upgrade.

Imagine you know the QMS maturity of each associate. Imagine you know what the pitfalls and worries are for each associate. And not only for the specific associate, but also for every involved division and - if required - the whole of the organisation.

This will save you a lot of time, energy and money. It will speed-up the introduction/upgrade process of the QMS drastically. You will avoid all pitfalls which are common for quality management systems, but also the (hidden) pitfalls specific for your organisation. It will increase the buy-in of every involved associate drastically - because you can tune your related change management approach according to the collected data.
And that is what you need for an optimized introduction and maintenance of your quality management system.

You can actually see your QMS-maturity grow - and profit from all related results.

Digital Maturity

Do you know how your staff will react to digitlization?

You can measure that and anticipate!

Contact us to do so!