White Ravens Consulting associates give training in knowledge management for decades.

In our network, we also have several consultants which know the inside out of their area of expertise. Let us connect you with the professional you need to train your associates the way you need it!

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A keynote?

about knowledge, knowledge management and the previous used in quality management, innovation management and other areas?


When you're over twenty years in an area of expertise, had projects in several continents, business areas and worked intensively in several cultures,

When you've published three books and a lot of articles on the subject,

and you still get the comments that one really feels my passion when speaking on the subject, than it is clear you have something useful to say. via this way your keynote on knowledge and knowledge management...
and be submerged in the passionate world of knowledge


We have knowledge management trainings in all kinds of shapes and formats.

We let you know and feel:

  • What knowledge is
  • How to handle AI, VR, AR and emerging technologies
  • What knowledge management is
  • What are the pillars and the advantages
  • What is knowledge creation and knowledge maturity
  • What are the tools and techniques

Knowledge is acquired:

  • To measure your knowledge maturity
  • To make knowledge maps
  • To handle a knowledge management project

We share our treasure of rules and pitfalls we built during the last decades to make your endeavour successful.

Because of our abundant knowledge and material we can create lost-cost but effective training made trainings. And this for any knowledge maturity you are in right now.

Do you want to start a knowledge management initiative?
Is training part of your knowledge management initiative?
Do you want to set-up a knowledge related initiative?


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