Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management

What is

Knowledge Management?

The first question we get is most of the time:
'What is knowledge management?'
The word is self explanatory:
managing knowledge.
'What is knowledge?' is the second question

And then we can give a very detailed explanation on the types of knowledge and what current definitions are - or share the short version:

Knowledge is what we exchange constantly. It is inside people.
It is not only in the heads of people, also skills (internalized knowledge) are a kind of knowledge and can be managed. Knowledge can also be externalised - and managed there.

And additionaly, it is very important to realise that the solution is not only software or tools.
AI, AR, VR - these are all tools - integrating.
Knowledge and skills are inside the body of people. Information supporting solutions, and artificial intelligence are supporting.

It is important to see that the knowledge maturity in your company is a major determining factor to define the best solution for your company.

'What business area are you active in?' is the third question.
And the answer is: all sectors.
In whatever sector, knowledge management is of outmost importancy.
There are over 100 strategic goals which can be supported by knowledge management: decrease working pressure, support innovation, reduce training times, introduction of quality management systems supported by the co-workers...
And we are not speaking about 5% of improvement - we are talking tenths of percentages..

Tools in Knowledge Management

Since decades vendors try to sell their IT tool as the sole, unique, complete knowledge system.

And you have a very clear problem statement, resulting in the belief that your problem will be solved by a knowledge system.

But which one?

We define for you the optimal choice for the tool best fit in your organization: based on figures which also include the cost to introduce the tool, and define upfront the best fit change management actions to overcome resistance coupled to the upcoming change.

We ourselves are totally vendor independent. We do not accept 'referral fees'. That makes that sometimes, for certain solutions we come to other tools, best fitting your organization.
We have some nice references on a.o. introducing knowledge environments and content management systems.


Knowledge and other projects are often projected as a mountain to be climbed.

We do not agree with this metaphor.

We see projects as a staircase to a much more agreeable place.

Knowledge management can have different shapes and forms.

Despite your specific area of expertise, the type of knowledge, the knowledge maturity of your people, we complete your knowledge management projects successful.

We have a very clear strategy to reach this goal, and we see that a number of these techniques are copied by agile and other methodologies.

We claim an approach that is effective and adapted to your needs.

Do you have a question about knowledge management?

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OWN your knowledge

The above are only a few reasons causing kwowledge that may be critical and is built-up during years of decades in your company, can get lost.

In such a situation, there is the effect if knowledge of co-workers is not shared, and cannot be used by other colleagues. This knowledge can also not be used any more to develop other knowledge.

A lot of companies have know specific knowledge and skills, making them successful - successful towards customers and versus competitors.

No company wants to loose that knowledge, and everybody wants this knowledge to be used to innovate further.

Is your current strategy - do you have a strategy?

We can create this for you:

Co-workers leaving because of retirement, illness or another opportunity

Knowledge that must be shared with other co-workers in other countries or cultures.

Critical knowledge which must be conscioiusly shared in your company.

Increase effectivity and Efficiency


Handling knowledge in a different way...

Below some possibilities and realistic goals.
Typically first a business case is made to set these goals.

- Reduction of working pressure with 30% ore more

- Reduction of working times with 30% or more

-Reduction of operational cost with 15% or more
- Find an answer to every question within 30 seconds

- Ask any question in your organisation only once

- Keep knowledge inside your company

Today, more needs to be done with less resources.
All evoluations go faster.
The degration time of knowledge gets shorter and shorter.
Associatates leave and do not get replaced.
Associates get burned-out.

Associates get bored-out.

And still a very important source to handle these issues successfull is not being used:

Handling knowledge better

Mergers and Takeovers

The landscape of companies is a volatile given: companies merge, acuiqre, become acquired...

The goal of doing this is most of the time a financial issue.

But mergers and acquisitions of companies in different contents are not always easy because of

- Difference in maturity

- Difference in knowledge

- Difference in proceses

- Difference in cultures

- Difference in goals

- Resistance in sharing knowledge (because knowledge is power)

Knowledge management helps to make a merger and acquisition a success, to really blend the best of different worlds, to make from different teams one winning team.
The team that wins.